7 Truth’s About The Movie Noah


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I am a fan of Russell Crowe’s and a Christian so the movie Noah was a perfect combination for me. After reading that an ad was put in the New York Times encouraging people to read the biblical account of Noah I was excited with anticipation of what the movie would unfold. The night before I was informed that the director Darren Aronofsky is an atheist, which didn’t sway me one way or the other. I don’t look to Hollywood to teach me the bible, their purpose is to entertain. Besides in the bible God used a donkey to speak to a prophet and He used Paul who crucified Christians to write the majority of the New Testament, so for me an atheist creating the film didn’t deter me at all.  On the flip side I was encouraged because that meant he picked up the bible, read it and it sparked his interest. All you need is a little interest and God will do the rest. So I was encouraged because it spoke volumes that he would want to direct a film based on a biblical account.


noah read bible

As per the ad I re-read the account of Noah from Genesis 5:28- Genesis 10:32, so imagine my excitement as the movie began. It started with so much promise and it slowly began to take a strong left turn that was contrary to the true biblical account. I wasn’t moved because I understand that directors utilize their creative license when telling a story; so in my mind, this was Darren Aronofsky’s. Overall I think the actors did a really good job. For me the story became really long and it just got to a point that I wanted it to end, for that reason I would give the movie a C+. I could jump on the band wagon and list all of the things that are wrong with the script biblically but why when there are so many good takeaways. For me the takeaways were great reminders that we all need in life. Although they are truths that we already know, sometimes it’s easier to learn the lesson when it is someone else’s story.

7- Truth’s from Noah

God’s Provision:

When God gives you a vision to do something He will give you the provision to complete it. The movie Noah was set in a very apocalyptic type setting filled with rocks, a dry desert wasteland, with scarcity of vegetation. Yet God gave Noah a vision of (God) destroying the earth with water and then using Noah to replenish it. Noah’s way of escape was by building an ark to withstand the flood.  Looking at Noah’s surroundings you immediately begin to wonder how Noah was going to build an ark. As soon as Noah shared his vision, the provision that was needed to fulfill this task manifested. This was a great reminder that what God has called you to do, no matter how dismal your circumstances appear, trust God and know that He will provide.

Enemy Attacks:

Your enemy will use the same resources that God has given you to use them against you. God provided Noah the resources to build the ark. The same resources that God provided for Noah, his enemies used to attack him. Despite what the enemy tries to do to tear you down, know that when God calls you to something; He will protect you. You might have to fight in the battle but you will win the war.


Stay Focused:

As the animals proceeded toward the ark they walked in with such focus and precision. They weren’t moved by the animal next to them they stayed focused on the task ahead. It appeared as if the animals realized that they were going to fulfill a great calling. As if they knew they were specifically chosen by God to replenish the earth. When God calls you to do something stay FOCUSED. Don’t be moved by what other people are doing. Stay focused on the task before you knowing that success awaits you.

 Mistakes Happen

Although the script for the movie Noah was not true to the actual biblical accounts, it did open a door to the possibility of misinterpreting God’s plan or purpose. Noah firmly believed that God’s wipe out of the earth was the end to mankind but it wasn’t. In the end, God provided for Noah’s mistake. A lot of times people don’t move to fulfill God’s will for their lives because they are fearful of the task as well as fearful of missing God. But the great thing about God is that if you misinterpret what He is calling you to do; He has a wonderful way of correcting your mistakes. Just trust Him!

Also, make sure when you feel like you missed God, forgive yourself. Allow God to lovingly correct you and get you back on course. You will miss it but its okay, God can handle your missteps and empower you to get back on the right path.


 Support System:

Jennifer Connelly, played Noah’s wife Naameh. The support that Naameh showed to Noah in completing this wild task was incredible. Naameh was there by Noah’s side along with their family helping him fulfill God’s plan. When Noah began to make erroneous decisions Naameh stood as the voice of reason to help Noah get back on track. When God calls you to do something for His purpose be sure to surround yourself with people who believe in you, support your vision and are willing to hold you accountable and get you back on track when you miss the mark.

Everyone Can’t Go

As the flood waters began to rise Noah and his family were tucked away in the safety of the ark. Outside they could hear the cries of people wanting access to the ark for safety. Unfortunately according to God’s plan Noah could not help these people. When God calls us to do something we try to bring along our family, friends and associates. But God is not calling for everyone to go. He is calling for YOU to go. Resist the urge to bring others with you and allow God to provide the people who are equipped for the task.

Let It Go

Noah was so consumed with completing the ark for God. Once it was complete and they were on their way, the weight of the task was still on Noah’s shoulders. His wife Naameh was a wonderful support. She was able to help Noah release the weight of the task and rest. Often when we become consumed with a project it is hard to let it go once it’s completed. We must learn to be proactive and establish a system that will help you detach from the task once its done; and allow you to find peace in the completion of your journey.

I hope that you will allow these 7 takeaway’s  to help you stay focused and complete the journey that God has set before you.

Now, I know the million dollar question is would I recommend this movie to others? For me, it depends on the person. If they are open to see themselves in their walk with God, yes go see it. If they just want to be critical and not choose to grab the obvious takeaways then stay at home.

Let me know your thoughts, join the conversation below.  As always, Thank You for taking time to read my post. Be sure to follow this blog and connect with me on Twitter @judimason.

Until next time, pursue your God ordained purpose with passion.
Much love,



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